The video

Global Game Jam NL 2011 from Dutch Game Garden on Vimeo.

The Jury

Lennart Sas, Triumph Studios
Marinka Copier, HKU
Alma Schaafstal, Taskforce Innovation Utrecht Region
Maarten Jan Vermeulen, Microsoft
Jurrie Hobers, QINQO and DGA (+10 years@Codemasters)
Andrew Walker, Carbon Made (+7 years@THQ)
JP van Seventer, Dutch Game Garden, jury chairman

Achievement Unlocked

Team 18 has unlocked the achievement “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”, for their game “Alien zoekt vrouw”. Their UFO abduction game for 2 players is based on very unlikely newspaper articles. Congratulations, to Thomas Verkooijen, Kjell ‘t Hoen, Sander Swinkels, Fabian van Dommelen, Guido Boogaard & Martijn Prins.

Team 1 has unlocked the badge for THE 4TH WALL with “Tender Blender”. Congrats to Dimme van der Hout, Ard Bonewald, Joeri Lefèvre, Stefan Wijnker, Matthijs Dierckx & Allard Ankoné.

Team 17 has unlocked the badge for THE 4TH WALL with “Bewbees”. Congrats to Javier Sancho Rodriguez, Stephan van der Feest, Hendrik Visser, Simon van der Linden, Jeroen Houttuin & Joris Dormans.

No Achievements Unlocked (update: achievement unlocked!)

Contrary to popular belief, no achievements have been unlocked yet. Please let us know if you disagree and why, but otherwise, you all decided to just… leave them alone.

OK. Alright. But what achievement (if there was such an achievement) do you think only your game would get? What is the one thing that your game does, that no-one else does?

UPDATE: Team 18 has unlocked the achievement “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”, for their game “Alien zoekt vrouw”.

Stats (updated)

Participants: 142
Teams: 24
Computers: 161
Nationalities: 7
Music Instruments: 32
People Present Who Look Like Famous Movie Stars: 2
R-rated games: 3
Cups of Coffee Consumed: 1278
Trips to Super Market: 35
Cans of Red Bull Consumed: 314
Fire Alarms Rang: 0
Winnitron 1000 NL players: 70
High Scores Broken (any game): 20
Meals Served: 603
Rude People Who Ate Twice: 19
Dolphins Killed: 0
Questions for Organisation: 209
Programmers Upset by Last-Minute Changes: 30
Computers Died: 4
Nerf Gun Darts Fired: 1802
Darts Lost: 200
Felt Markers Lost: 55
People Lost: 2
Showers Taken: 0
Stats: 25

Bashers doet verslag van de game jam

Zie hier het enthousiaste verslag van Eline Muijres.

Playing the games

For those who are interested in playing the finished games, the jam site is open tomorrow from 16:00. The final award ceremony is for participants and guests only, but you are welcome to join and play some games tomorrow afternoon. If you have questions, please email

Game trailer please

On Sunday, we’d like to show everybody all the games that were made. Therefor, we would like to ask you to give us a video of 1 min. max., that highlights the best points of your game. Hand it in at the organisation!

Use a new tablet!


We have 5 Wacom Intuos Wireless pen tablets to be used by you this weekend! NICE. Mind you, we do need them back on Sunday. Come by the organizers room and get yourself one of those babies. First come, first serve!

Meet the jury!

Let’s get to know the people making up our professional jury at the Global Game Jam in Hilversum, shall we?

Jan-Pieter van Seventer, jury chairman (Dutch Game Garden)

Marinka Copier (Utrecht School of the Arts HKU)

Alma Schaafstal (Taskforce Innovation Utrecht Region TFI)

Jurrie Hobers (QINQO and Dutch Games Association, +10 years experience @Codemasters)

Lennart Sas (Triumph Studios)

Andrew Walker (Carbon Made +7 years experience @THQ)

They will judge you, and they will judge you well….