Stats (updated)

Participants: 142
Teams: 24
Computers: 161
Nationalities: 7
Music Instruments: 32
People Present Who Look Like Famous Movie Stars: 2
R-rated games: 3
Cups of Coffee Consumed: 1278
Trips to Super Market: 35
Cans of Red Bull Consumed: 314
Fire Alarms Rang: 0
Winnitron 1000 NL players: 70
High Scores Broken (any game): 20
Meals Served: 603
Rude People Who Ate Twice: 19
Dolphins Killed: 0
Questions for Organisation: 209
Programmers Upset by Last-Minute Changes: 30
Computers Died: 4
Nerf Gun Darts Fired: 1802
Darts Lost: 200
Felt Markers Lost: 55
People Lost: 2
Showers Taken: 0
Stats: 25

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