The Jury

Lennart Sas, Triumph Studios
Marinka Copier, HKU
Alma Schaafstal, Taskforce Innovation Utrecht Region
Maarten Jan Vermeulen, Microsoft
Jurrie Hobers, QINQO and DGA (+10 years@Codemasters)
Andrew Walker, Carbon Made (+7 years@THQ)
JP van Seventer, Dutch Game Garden, jury chairman

One response to “The Jury

  • GlitchHiker wins Global Game Jam 2011 Netherlands (sponsored by Microsoft and Wacom)! | Rutger Muller

    […] The Global Game Jam is a worldwide creativity stimulating platform that brings together participants of multiple disciplines: game designers, programmers, graphic artists, music composers, and probably more. The jam encourages the teams to get every team member involved in the design proces, from scratch. For someone like me who wants to help designing adaptive (interactive) music concepts this is pretty crucial, and pretty cool! Right before the jam starts a theme is announced around which a game has to be built. From that moment the teams have 48 hours to release a completely working game to the world, and in the case of the Dutch Global Game Jam also to a jury. […]

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