Assignment & Achievements

The theme is: EXTINCTION


List and description of the achievements for 2011

If your team unlocks an achievement, be sure to inform the organisation as soon as possible! This can even be done from friday evening, but you have to present evidence of your triumph. This website will then update with the specific badge you get for the achievement, and your team name will be forever honoured. RESPECT!

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?1. Aggregation TO BE UNLOCKED

The game uses or combines existing web services and online data (e.g. Google Maps, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, airline services, news, stocks, etc.) as part of the gameplay.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?2. Automated Development TO BE UNLOCKED

All game assets (art, sound, levels, etc.) are procedurally generated.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?3. Back to School, OLD School TO BE UNLOCKED
The game must have a screen resolution of exactly 160×144, is restricted to a color palette of four shades of the same color, and the game must be 1 Megabyte or less on disk (incl. executable, all assets and external libraries, unzipped)

4. UNLOCKED by team 18

The game must be biographical or documentary.

1. Alien Zoekt Vrouw (Team 18: Thomas Verkooijen, Kjell ‘t Hoen, Sander Swinkels, Fabian van Dommelen, Guido Boogaard & Martijn Prins)

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?5. Bits and Pieces TO BE UNLOCKED
The game has both physical and digital elements.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?6. Both Hands Tied Behind My Back TO BE UNLOCKED
The game is meant to be played without the use of a player’s hands.

7. UNLOCKED by team 1
The game acknowledges itself as a game.

Team 1: Dimme van der Hout, Ard Bonewald, Joeri Lefèvre, Stefan Wijnker, Matthijs Dierckx & Allard Ankoné

Team 17: Javier Sancho Rodriguez, Stephan van der Feest, Hendrik Visser, Simon van der Linden, Jeroen Houttuin & Joris Dormans

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?8. Couples Game TO BE UNLOCKED
The game only makes sense if played together with you and your romantic partner.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?9. Do and Undo TO BE UNLOCKED
The game features a phase of creation and assemblage, followed by a phase of removal of all traces of expended effort.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?10. Game for a Cause TO BE UNLOCKED
The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?11. One Hit Wonder TO BE UNLOCKED
The game can only be played once (e.g. per computer, per IP address, etc.).

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?12. Playing the Music TO BE UNLOCKED
The game’s duration is matched to that of a song. When the song ends, the game ends. No loops allowed!

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?13. Mandelbrot TO BE UNLOCKED
The game features some pattern or aspect that fractally repeats itself at different scales.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?14. More Ways Than One TO BE UNLOCKED
The game can be played both turn-based and realtime simultaneously by different players (sharing the same game state).

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?15. Picasso Lives TO BE UNLOCKED
The art of the game is rendered in a Cubist style.

Will you be the first to unlock this badge?16. Sim Something TO BE UNLOCKED
The game has no explicit goals (other than any goals the players invent for themselves).



  1. Voluntary. Participants do not have to go for any of the achievements if they wish not to
  2. Maximum of 4 Achievements. Even if your game or team fulfills more than 4 achievements, you can only choose a maximum of 4 when uploading the game, so if any, choose the ones that make the most sense and mean the most to you.
  3. No Score. There are no virtual or real score granted for fulfilling an achievements, neither is there any prize for it. The achievements only purpose are to separate your game from others on the website. You are not a better game jammer, just because you have taken it upon yourself to fullfill more achievements.
  4. Self-Evident. We have tried to make the achievements as self-evident as possible, which means that they can be verified by anyone downloading the game. This is in order to create as little administration from the organizers as possible (ie teams simply just tick off themselves when they upload the game what achievements they have), and to make cheating as difficult as possible (ie anyone who downloads the game can check that they hold true).


The motivation for putting in the achievements are many:

  1. There are more and more experienced game jammers joining, and we try to provide extra challenge for them. People are free to add extra challenges themselves, but the achievements are structured and uniform way to provide these challenges.
  2. In 2009, there was approximately 370 games available on the GGJ website. In 2010, it was 920. With a just a standard game taxonomy of strategy, platform, puzzle and a platform (windows, mac, etc) it was very hard to get an overview of the games. With at least 168 sites for GGJ 2011 we expect well over 1000 different games, which only makes the problem even worse. Albeit arbitrary we hope the achievements can be a fun and creative way to help separate games and make them stand out.
  3. The Achievement system is meant as a motivator and helper for getting particpants to try to think outside their normal scope and move away from their comfort zone.
  4. At the Global Game Jam we find it important to practice what we preach, so since a game jam is all about innovation, collaboration and experimentation we find it equally important to try out new things.

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