Game trailer please

On Sunday, we’d like to show everybody all the games that were made. Therefor, we would like to ask you to give us a video of 1 min. max., that highlights the best points of your game. Hand it in at the organisation!

Use a new tablet!


We have 5 Wacom Intuos Wireless pen tablets to be used by you this weekend! NICE. Mind you, we do need them back on Sunday. Come by the organizers room and get yourself one of those babies. First come, first serve!

Meet the jury!

Let’s get to know the people making up our professional jury at the Global Game Jam in Hilversum, shall we?

Jan-Pieter van Seventer, jury chairman (Dutch Game Garden)

Marinka Copier (Utrecht School of the Arts HKU)

Alma Schaafstal (Taskforce Innovation Utrecht Region TFI)

Jurrie Hobers (QINQO and Dutch Games Association, +10 years experience @Codemasters)

Lennart Sas (Triumph Studios)

Andrew Walker (Carbon Made +7 years experience @THQ)

They will judge you, and they will judge you well….

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Wacom Cintiq Award for best visual artist

Courtesy of our sponsor Wacom, we will hand out a special award to the team that creates the best visual art at our Global Game Jam. We call this prize the Wacom Cintiq Award and the winner gets one of those awesome Wacom Cintiq 12 tablet/screen hybrids. This allows artists to draw directly on top of the screen.

We think that’s some excellent motivation to create some stunning visual artwork, don’t you agree?

Join in on our Protospace experiment at the GGJ!

Dear participants of the Global Game Jam,

we’re proud to announce a very special feature at our Jam this weekend. Prototyping laboratory Protospace will give teams the opportunity to create real, tangible models of their game characters or other elements of their game, thanks to the amazing technology of 2D and 3D-printing.

Protospace is a laboratory in Utrecht where industrial designers, artists, engineers, architects (well… basically anybody) can build their (scale) models, mock ups and prototypes in REAL LIFE. Visit their website:

Follow them on twitter too: @protospaceNL

On Sunday afternoon, we’d like to provide you with the opportunity to upload your designs to the people of Protospace, who will be present at the Game Jam. Then you may choose between these three options:

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Free Unity Pro trial version for GGJ participants

Another nice deal for GGJ participants worldwide. Because development platform Unity is sponsor of the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen, they have made available a trial serial number for downloading Unity Pro. This includes an Asset Server addon license.  Unity says: “Feel free to use this serial wherever you are. If you have never touched Unity before but would be curious to try it out for the Jam, you still have a week to play around and get used to how everything works.”

Check out this link if you’d like to know more.

The serial number is: U3-YGTJ-2682-KKDQ-5535-NQ73

Happy happy!