Tech Specs

You have to include the following credits in your game (click for bigger size):

Winnitron 1000 NL competition:
Winnitron Requirements

WI-FI password = game_jam    (but please use LAN if at all possible)



Free option 1:

Have a vinyl cutter create your character in 2D on foil. (looks great when stuck on your laptop or on the fridge)

Free option 2:

Use the Ultimaker (Protospace’s custom-made 3D printer), to create hollow 3D ‘shells’ of one of your models or ‘extrude’ 2D designs in 3D.

Paid option:

If you really want to impress your friends and colleagues, you might like to use the ZCorp 3D printer to create a three dimensional, coloured model. This print will be prepared on Sunday and can be picked up at Protospace’s address at a later date, because printing with this machine is a time-consuming process. Costs range between 15 and 25 euros, depending on the size of your model.

This is all a big experiment for us, (although we assure you there won’t be any explosions involved) but please try to make sure you meet the requirements below if you’d like to participate:

For the vinyl cutter:

– Make sure to use vectors.

– Required file type: .eps, .svg, Illustrator .ai (not compressed).

For the Ultimaker:

– No faces of more than a 45 degrees angle.

– Resolution shouldn’t be too high (to speed up the process).

– For best effect, make sure the model has few protrusions and extensions. Model a pedestal under it to make sure it can stand on its own.

– File type: .stl (not compressed).

For the ZCorp 3D printer:

– Use MiniMagics (FREE SOFTWARE) to check .stl models for inconsistencies.

– For colour exports, use .wrl [VRML] or .3ds file types. For grayscale models, .stl will do.

– Solid objects do not need to be modeled hollow. The Zcorp software does this on its own.

– If you want a hollow model, include a little hole so the remaining printing material can be drained from it.

– Cost per cubic centimeter is 60/70 eurocents.

– Preparation during GGJ on Sunday afternoon, finishing up on Thursday during Protospace’s open hours.

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